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Affordable prices for the clear breakthrough in

auto & Commercial  window tint 

Both Window Awesomeness and Safety Benefits

Good looks are just the beginning with your choice of 3M™ Automotive & Commercial Window Tint. 


The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends this product as an elective ultra-violet (UV) protectant that can block up to 99% of the UV light providing a total Sun Protection Factor. Window Film is the best sun shield for your car, home, or office.

There are a select few window tint dealerships that offer 3M film. TintMax VA is one of them located in Virginia Beach servicing the Hampton Roads community.

skin cancer foundation seal of approval.

Automotive Tint Shade Available

Automotive Tint Shades Available








*Crystalline available only in 60 & 50%

Call a tintmax va sales specialist today for a free quote 


Additional Services

Additional SERVICES


Headlight Cleaning & Restoration


$40 for the pair

Window Replacement & Chip Repair

Dealing with auto glass is the last thing on your mind… but, as we all know from experience, windshields and other auto glass components often need to be repaired/replaced in Virginia Beach and throughout Hampton Roads. Low Price Auto Glass, can repair or replace your cracked, chipped or broken car windshield and windows at an affordable price in no time.


Please call for your free estimate

Chip repair.jpg

"My Honda Civic is basically a new car after getting its windows tinted at TintMax. Easy going guys in Miler and Alex. Couldn't be happier." 

— Ryan, 2017 Honda Civic

"Miler is great. All of my windows were wrapped around and it just adds to the character of my Land Rover. Can't imagine it any other way. "

— Virginia, 2016 Jeep Land Rover 

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