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With a passion for window tinting, we work hard for our customers. We don't let you leave without being 100% satisfied with the window tint job that you've purchased with us at TintMax VA.

Being an exclusive dealership of 3M Window Film, our mission is to use the best window film available, deliver an amazing job from our certified professionals, and to leave your vehicle in more style than how you left. 

Meet Miler Oshana and his father, Andy. Officially opening TintMax VA in

2018 to complement the Low Price Auto Glass shop his dad runs next

door, Miler and his tinting specialists are committed to the practice and

art of tinting the variety of vehicles that come in and out of his shop

striving to improve upon the execution each time.


Don't think upon these guys as specialists, but more as artists with a passion

for their craft. 

Located in Virginia Beach, Virginia but servicing customers from everywhere

around the Hampton Roads region, we care about our hometown and the

way you drive around your community. 


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